Assessment is an integral component of a career in medicine. It gives the doctor opportunity to receive feedback, engage in self-assessment and reflection, and if indicated, improve performance. It also reassures supervisors and the organisation that optimal care is provided by competent doctors.
At Monash Health all junior medical staff must have formal performance assessments.


Mid and end of term assessments are mandatory. We use the Australian Medical Council Intern Assessment Form which is linked to Intern Outcome Statements.

Please click here to download the Intern Assessment form.

All interns must also complete 5 Direct Observation of Procedural Skills (DOPS) for the following procedures:

  • Intravenous Cannulation
  • Female Urinary Catheterisation
  • Male Urinary Catheterisation
  • Surgical Suturing
  • Application of a plaster

Please click here to download a DOPS form.

Intern Assessment Review Panel

In accordance with the AMC guidelines for intern education and training, Monash Health convenes an intern assessment review panel. This panel provides oversight and monitoring of all assessment processes for interns, reviews any concerns and complaints about the performance or conduct of interns and makes recommendations for remediation of poor performance to the Director of Medical Services.
The membership of the panel includes:

  • A senior clinician with experience in educating and training interns, i.e a Director of Clinical Training (Chair)
  • Directors of Clinical Training
  • Manager, Monash Doctors Workforce
  • Wellbeing Officer, Monash Doctors
  • Term Supervisor
  • Medical Education Officer

HMOs (PGY2 and above)

It is mandatory that all HMOs have an end of term assessment completed for each rotation. This applies to all rotations that are at least 8 weeks in duration and involve predominantly in-hours rostering. If your HMO roster included short rotations such as cover shifts, night shifts, relieving  rotations or interstate rotations, you may not have a consistent designated supervisor on site. Whilst a formal assessment is desirable it may not be possible.  Therefore we ask that you please  complete a self-assessment.

Please click here to download the form.

Registrars in Vocational Training

All vocational trainees must submit a copy of a college assessment form during a clinical year.Alternatively, please click here to complete the Monash Health unaccredited Registrar/CMO assessment form.

Unaccredited registrars and CMOs

It is expected that all unaccredited registrars/CMOs submit one assessment form during a clinical year. Please click here to download the assessment form.

All assessments are monitored and maintained by Monash Doctors Education Unit. Please forward all completed assessments to

Download the following forms related to assessment:

HMO Assessment form Guidelines

Intern Assessment Guidelines 2016

Click here to search on Prompt for the Monash Health Assessment policy and guidelines.

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