Monash Doctors Workforce Team

The Monash Doctors Workforce team is responsible for oversight and facilitation of all medical employment for Senior and Junior Medical Staff across Monash Health. We are located at Casey, Dandenong & Kingston, with our main office at Monash Medical Centre Clayton.
Dr Peter Satterthwaite Director, Medical Services
Rosemary McKemmishMonash Doctors Wellbeing Officer
Dr Piraveen PirakalathananMedical Administration, Registrar
Natalie van GoethemManager, Recruitment and Credentialing
Sonya SteveManager, Operations

Recruitment and Credentialing


Amy Zuscak Team Leader, Recruitment and Credentialing
Bev EdwardsTeam Leader, Operations
Heather ZecklerCoordinator, IMG Services
Maria MegasAdministration Officer
Stevie Johnstone Coordinator, Operations: Clayton - Registrar Medicine Roster
Placida AdamanCoordinator, Operations: Clayton - Mental Health Rosters
Melissa Vescovi Coordinator, Recruitment and Credentialing - Women's & Children's / Speciality Medicine
Jade ChannellCoordinator, Recruitment and Credentialing - Crit Care / ED / Rehab / Specialty / Surgery
Liz RundellCoordinator, Operations: Kingston - Medicine Registrar Rosters / Obstetrics & Gynaecology Rosters
VacantCoordinator, Operations: Clayton - Surgery / Paediatrics / Moorabbin Rosters
Ranju ChateCoordinator, Recruitment and Credentialing - Mental Health / Interns / HMOs
Katherine NikiforouCoordinator, Recruitment and Credentialing
Michele Ah-FatCoordinator, Operations: Casey - Medicine / Specialty Medicine / Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Paediatrics / Surgery Rosters
Sharon DePasqualeCoordinator, Operations: Dandenong - Medicine / Surgery / Paediatrics Rosters
Kiarnee Frew Coordinator, Recruitment and Credentialing
Sarah SinclairCoordinator, Recruitment and Credentialing
Monique MorettiCoordinator, Operations
Bree KanBusiness Support Officer