National Standard 1: Fire Training (Annually)
iBelong (Every 3 years)
Open Disclosure (Discussion) Training (Once)
National Standard 2: Patient Centred Care (Once)
National Standard 3: Hand Hygiene (Every 3 years – onsite access only)
Aseptic Technique (Every 3 years – onsite access only)
Peripheral Venous Access Cannulation (Monash Interns only)
National Standard 4: Safe Prescribing Competency (Monash Interns only)
Medication Safety (Every 3 years)
National Standard 5: Patient Identification and Procedure Matching (Recommended)
National Standard 6: Clinical Handover (Once)
National Standard 7: Blood Transfusion – Monash Doctors (Once)
National Standard 9: Deteriorating Patient – Resuscitation
Basic Life Support (Adult, Paediatric or Neonatal) (Annually)
Recognition of prior learning can apply – see separate instructions
National Standard 10: Preventing Falls & Harm from Falls (Once)
Working at Monash Health: Monash Doctors ABCs of IT (Recommended) Onsite and offsite access

Online Learning
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