Peer Support Program

Peer Support Program is a dedicated resource to support junior medical staff with health and wellbeing matters. The program is delivered by trained junior medical staff who have volunteered to provide an empathic ear to peers who may be struggling with personal, training, work, health or other life problems. Junior medical staff experiencing any of these issues are encouraged to directly contact a Peer Supporter for a confidential discussion and assistance in finding the right resources to address the issue. Peer Supporters have received formalised training and are supported by Coaches, who are senior doctors and nursing staff.

Peer Supporters

Tina Lin
Tina LinHMO
Kirsten Furley
Kirsten FurleyPaediatric Fellow
Michael Tan
Michael TanMedical Registrar
Fiona Pavan
Fiona PavanSurgical Registrar
Danielle Quittner
Danielle Quittner Obstetrics & Gynaecology Registrar
Arushi Kansal
Arushi KansalHMO
Mihiri Weerasuria
Mihiri WeerasuriaHMO
Ophelia Wong
Ophelia WongEmergency Registrar
Amelia Woods
Amelia WoodsHMO
Laura Pejnovic
Laura PejnovicPsychiatry Registrar
Karen Van
Karen VanHMO
Ke Li Chow
Ke Li ChowHMO
Mikael Dunlop
Mikael DunlopPaediatric Registrar
Holly Brennan
Holly BrennanHMO
Daniel D'Souza
Daniel D'SouzaHMO
Lauren Brush
Lauren BrushHMO
Ben Cheung
Ben CheungEmergency Registrar
Cameron Rush
Cameron RushAnesthetic Registrar
Megan Ung
Megan UngMedical Registrar
Sathya Manoharan
Sathya ManoharanHMO
Eleanor Thong
Eleanor ThongMedical Fellow
Saada Malouf
Saada MaloufHMO
Amy Hoang
Amy HoangHMO
Bharat Ramakrishna
Bharat RamakrishnaMedical Registrar
Velislava Kiriakova
Velislava KiriakovaMedical Registrar
Josh Telles
Josh TellesAnaesthetic Registrar
Theekshna De Silva
Theekshna De SilvaPsychiatry Registrar
Angela Hehir
Angela HehirHMO
Alex Chu
Alex ChuSurgical Registrar
Sharman Tanny
Sharman TannyPaediatric Surgical Registrar
Michelle Chua
Michelle ChuaHMO
Nicholas Chee
Nicholas CheeMedical Registrar
Anna Watts
Anna WattsMedical Registrar
Ashray Rajagopalan
Ashray RajagopalanIntern
Friyana Billmoria
Friyana BillmoriaHMO
David Khoo
David Khoo
Grace Hollands
Grace Hollands
Dion Koh
Dion Koh
Jacinta Lopez
Jacinta Lopez
Julia Zhu
Julia Zhu
Melissa Lin
Melissa Lin
Sharoan Selvakumaran
Sharoan Selvakumaran
Stewart Saunders
Stewart SaundersMental Health Reg
Monisha Koppaka
Monisha Koppaka
Ashwin SathyamoorthiHMO
Caitlin GloverIntern
Cameron SharpO&G Registrar
Claire CharterisED Registrar
Claire FelminghamHMO
Dean WhittyHMO
Dinesha GoonewardenePsychiatry Registrar
Gerard AdrianusHMO
Jade LimHMO
Jenna LyttleIntern
Joanne ToHMO
Ming Xue FanHMO
Sudha RaghunathMedical Registrar
Sung-Lin YangHMO
Yi Wei BaeyHMO
Fiona YeamanMedicine


Rosemary McKemmish
Rosemary McKemmishWellbeing Officer
Alana Gilbee
Alana GilbeeDandenong
Toni Hunter
Toni HunterDandenong
Dr Anjali Dhulia
Dr Anjali DhuliaClayton
Dr Piraveen Pirakalathanan
Dr Piraveen PirakalathananClayton
Dr Antoinette BrennanClayton
Tonina HoreDandenong
Dr Robert MeekDandenong
Are discussions with Peer Supporters confidential?

Peer Supporters are legally required to follow the confidentiality principles common to all healthcare professionals. They are trained to ensure all reasonable measures are taken to avoid identification of any person in any or all Peer Support reports and/or discussions.

The only exception to breaching confidentiality is if there is reasonable belief that the person is in danger of causing harm to themselves or others and that disclosure is required to prevent the harm.

How should I contact a Peer Supporter?
You should email a Peer Supporter below to arrange a time to meet in-person to discuss any issues?

Alternatively, if you work with a Peer Supporter, talk directly to them about setting aside some time to discuss your issues.

What issues can I discuss with a Peer Supporter?
You can discuss any issue that you may be challenging you. Commonly, people discuss issues relating to work, health, social stressors, bullying or harassment.

What should I do if I need additional help?
If you would like additional help, you can contact the Wellness Officer (Rosemary McKemmish) on 0427 409 310, Monash Health People Assist Program on 1300 687 327, and/or Victorian Doctors Health Program on 9495 6011.

In addition, Dr Anjali Dhulia (Director of Medical Services) and Dr Piraveen Pirakalathanan (Medical Administration Registrar) are available to provide support.

How to become a Peer Supporter?

Peer Supporters are volunteers who have chosen to undertake mandatory training and offer up their time to help peers. Intakes for Peer Supporters are announced in February via email.

What is the mandatory training?

The mandatory training is usually held in March or April. It is a three-hour course that is provided for free by Monash Doctors. Key skills required to be a Peer Supporter are taught at this course.

A copy of the training manual can be found here.
Peer Supporters are encouraged to keep de-identified reports of discussions with peers for debriefing.
Debriefing sessions will be held in June, September and December to provide an opportunity to anonymously discuss any events and seek support.
Coaches are available to provide support and advice.
Please anonymously log any events below (for auditing purposes).
Peer Supporter Contact Log