Dr Christina Johnson

Director, Monash Doctors Education

Consultant in General Medicine and Geriatrics   

Christina has a Master’s in Health Professions Education, which has now articulated into a PhD investigating the essential ingredients for effective feedback. She has a strong interest in communication skills and facilitates the advanced communication skills workshops.

Dr Shanon Jarvis

Director of Clinical Training, HMOs, Monash Sector

VMO Anaesthetist, Monash Anaesthesia

Shanon has a Bachelor of Science degree and post-graduate Diploma in Education, majoring in science and mathematics.  She has a strong interest in procedural skills education and facilitates a number of procedural skills workshops for pre-vocational doctors.  She is also responsible for co-ordination and delivery of the HMO tutorial program at Monash Health. Shanon is on site in the DCT role on Mondays or can be contacted via switch or email at other times.  She is happy to receive feedback from JMOs at any time and is available to discuss supervision, education or welfare issues.


Dr Dean Everard

Director of Clinical Training South East Sector

Dr Dean Everard has been a Consultant Geriatrician and General Physician with Monash Health since 2007 and began his role as Director of Clinical Training for Casey Hospital in 2009. In June 2015 he also commenced as DCT for Kingston. Dean is the supervisor for the year 3 and Year 5 MBBS Aged Care Rotations for Casey Hospital and oversees the year 1 MBBS clinical sites visit for Casey. Dean is an accredited supervisor for Advanced Training in Geriatric Medicine with Royal Australasian College of Physicians. He has special interests delirium education and in utilizing new technology to create interactive, engaging and broadly accessible educational experiences for junior doctors.

Dr Rob Roseby

Director of Paediatric Education

Rob Roseby is Head of Medical Specialties and Director of Medical Education at Monash Children’s Hospital. He has worked in the international medical graduate field since 2007. He is Monash Health’s principal supervisor for IMGs and leads the Workplace Based Assessment program for IMGs at Monash Health for the Australian Medical Council, and also chairs the Monash intern assessment panel. He is interested in the interface between clinical medicine and public health and has worked in Aboriginal Child Health since 2003.

Jacinta Hayes

Medical Education Officer (HMOs)

With over 10 years’ experience as a clinician and clinical educator, Jacinta has a strong interest in education and wellbeing. She is particularly interested in communication for teamwork skills and person centred approaches to healthcare. Jacinta is a qualified Physiotherapist and holds a Graduate Certificate in Health Professions Education and a Masters of Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy. Jacinta is travels to various sites and can be found at various Intern and HMO tutorials and MDE workshops. She is happy to be contacted with any questions or concerns via email or phone 9594 4807.

Pina Tyrrell

PA/Administrative Assistant

Pina is the Personal Assistant to the Medical Director and Operations Director of Monash Doctors Education. She plays a key role in coordinating the Intern and HMO orientation and provides administration of all Monash Doctors Education programs. Pina has a background in corporate training and higher education administration and is a fantastic first point of contact for all MDE enquiries.

Carol Low

Administration Manager for Physician Training

Carol is Administration Manager for the Physician Training Program and the Workplace Based Assessment Program for IMGs at Monash Health. Carol has a broad range of administration skills having worked in the private sector for many years. Carol has worked in medical education administration for the past 18 years, and ten of these have been at Monash Health. Carol is the main point of contact for all administration and training enquiries for the physician training program and the Workplace Based Assessment Program for IMGs.

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