2020 Excellence in Medical Education Awards

Towards the end of the year, Monash Doctors Education will be accepting nominations for the Medical Education Awards which are designed to recognise and showcase outstanding educational initiatives for doctors. These awards cover teaching, supervision and research directed to medical staff (not medical students).

Nominations are normally opened in  mid October through to mid November

Monash Health doctors can nominate a Monash Health doctor or team that they believe has demonstrated excellence in medical education.

The awards are presented at the SMSA dinner normally held in early  December.



Excellence in Teaching Award

This category recognises high quality and innovative teaching practice. Examples of this may include through direct teaching; unit information on relevant medical conditions; enhanced learning through journal clubs, unit education programs, case presentations; development of engaging and innovative online or print educational materials; inter-professional or inter-specialty collaboration training programs or simulation training.

Excellence in Supervision Award

This category recognises high quality and innovative supervision practice within a unit or by an individual supervisor. Examples of this may include high quality unit orientation programs; tailored support for individual JMS; supervisor training for all SMS in a unit or outstanding supervision skills of an individual.

Excellence in Educational Research Award

This category recognizes an outstanding and innovative piece of research, ideally published, which enhances our understanding of effective or innovative education and has the potential to shape the way doctors are educated at Monash Health.

Any award queries to Dr Christina Johnson, Director Monash Doctors Education, christina.johnson@monashhealth.org or 9594 3743