Rosters are released 4 weeks prior to the commencement of a rotation change/term. You will be sent a copy to your Monash Health email address, and copies of rosters are located on the R drive.

When you have access to Monash Health IT, you can view them at R:\01 – Medical Staff Rosters\1. Medical Staff Rosters\1. Monash Doctors Workforce Rosters\2023

Yes, you can. While the Monash Doctors Operations team will attempt to only activate you to cover gaps on your current roster, you may be ‘redeployed’ to cover a shift on another roster if staffing needs dictate.

  • Yes, your roster can change at short notice (we will do our best to give you four weeks’ notice as per the EBA). If there are changes, we will let you know.
  • NOTE: we will not send out a new roster to all staff who work in the department if there is a change.  As such, we ask that you reference the rosters on the R drive as a habit, as this is a live document.


You can log into UKG either from a MH desktop, by clicking on the icon, or download the app (you’ll see info on this when you do your online training), or by using the following address when using your home PC:

You can install the Mobile App on your smart phone from the App store. Use this QR Code to download the Mobile Application on your Mobile Device:

Note that this address is ONLY for the Mobile App.

Monash Health has many employees, and the workforce team look after inputting shifts into UKG on behalf of a large number of staff. While every effort is made to ensure your pay is correct, we do request you double check this information too by ‘approving’ your hours in UKG on the last day of each pay cycle (the Friday prior to getting paid).  If your hours are incorrect, please let Monash Doctors Operations know as quickly as you can.

No. The first fortnights shifts may be delayed in being entered onto UKG as Payroll need to add all newcomers each clinical year to the system at the same time.  This can take a while!, so please be patient.


  • Yes, you will. You will need to let Monash Doctors Operations know, and they will update your Kronos entry with Special Covid Leave for these periods.  You may be asked to provide test or isolation request evidence.
  • NOTE – if you are still unwell and take leave AFTER receiving a negative Covid test, this will be taken from your Personal Leave.

Monash Health will be in touch and may ask you to take a covid test and return once a negative result is received, or may ask you to furlough for a set period of time. You will need to communicate this information to Monash Doctors Operations (Monash Health is a big place!) so cover can be located for your shifts and Kronos is updated on your behalf.

Again, you will need to contact Monash Doctors Operations as soon as you know you will be unable to cover your shift so cover can be located and Kronos can be updated. You will need to provide a medical certificate if you have taken more than three single sick days in a clinical year, or if you take two or more days of sick leave in a row.

Please ensure you notify Monash Doctors Operations as soon as you know you would not be able to attend work if your oncall was activated. You may be asked to produce evidence (e.g.  Medical Certificates, covid test records) by your roster coordinator/Monash Doctors Operations representative.)

As per the Doctors In Training Enterprise Agreement 2018 (new version coming out in 2022), you are entitled to 5 weeks of Annual Leave and 28 days of Personal Leave (including sick leave) each clinical year. There are other leave types you may be entitled to dependent on your personal circumstances – please google Doctors In Training Enterprise Agreement for further information.

You will need to lodge an application for leave via the following online form:

Please note that Monash Doctors Workforce attempt to grant all reasonable leave requests, but sometimes need to refuse applications due to hospital staffing requirements.

You are welcome to ask to change your annual leave, however the Monash Doctors Workforce team may refuse your request due to staffing requirements (their first priority is to ensure all shifts are staffed appropriately).

Rural Rotations:

No, you don’t. You will be contacted by the rural site directly who organise your accommodation and will supply information on cost requirements and general information.

You will need to lodge an application for leave via the following online form:

Please note that Monash Doctors Workforce attempt to grant all reasonable leave requests, but sometimes need to refuse applications due to hospital staffing requirements.

As Monash Health is your employer and will pay your salary via timesheets we receive from your rural site in most cases, you are still entitled to salary package for this period.  Please contact Maxxia for further information (

Please contact your rural site directly, as they will be administering your rosters directly for your rural rotation. All of the contact details for our rural sites is available on the Orientation page.


You can contact Maxxia ( if you would like to salary package your HECS payments. You can also contact the Monash Health Payroll team ( if you have any additional queries.

You will need to refer to the ATO website or your tax accountant to request information about claiming uniform allowance. However, if you are required to wear a uniform (e.g.  scrubs), a cleaning service is provided via the hospital (this info will be provided during your rotation orientation).

You must complete an Additional Hours form and have your Head of Unit sign to authorise payment. This can be found on the Procedures and Forms page on the  website.

There are three main categories of training that you will need to complete either prior to or just after your start with Monash Health.

    • EMR training (Electronic Medical Records). This is the system used to track patient data while in your care, so it is essential you complete this training prior to commencement.
    • Mandatory staff training. These are the training packages that all Monash Health employees (both clinical and non-clinical) must complete.  Note, some of these training packages require you to complete them each year you work with us.
    • Targeted staff training. These are the training packages that all of our JMS need to complete in order to work effectively in their clinical roles.

It is highly recommended that you get as much of the above training completed as possible prior to commencement to not only assist you with your new role, but to ensure your contractual employment conditions are met.

You will access Latte, our online training hub, to complete all of the above training.

You do have to have your official name on your photo ID card (this is an organisational requirement), but if you have used a preferred name when you applied to Monash Health, this will appear on your name badge.

If you work nights, you may be asked to use SmartPage. Please view the below website for further information: