HMO2 Positions

We are looking for positive, committed and inspiring HMO2’s to join our Monash Health Doctors team. If you are committed to delivering exceptional care and outstanding outcomes for patients, then Monash Health is the perfect place to develop your career with guidance & education from some of the world’s best clinicians.

The HMO2 year is split into three streams – Medical (BPT1), General & Surgical. Our HMO2 positions are matched through the PMCV computer match process. Applications must be made to both the PMCV and Monash Health.

How to apply – 2020 HMO2 positions



Preferences will be made by job lines, which are currently under construction.
Finalised job lines will be available towards September 2019

Medical HMO2 (BPT1)

  • General Medicine HMO
  • Cardiology (MonashHeart) HMO
  • Critical Care (Latrobe) HMO
  • Endocrinology & Diabetes HMO
  • Gastroenterology HMO
  • General Medicine Nights HMO
  • Geriatrics HMO
  • Infectious Disease & HITH HMO
  • Intensive care HMO
  • Nephrology (Renal) HMO
  • Neurology/Stroke HMO
  • Oncology HMO
  • Respiratory HMO
  • Rheumatology HMO

Surgical HMO2

  • Cardiothoracic Surgery HMO (Clayton)
  • Critical Care HMO (Latrobe)
  • Ear, Nose & Throat HMO (Moorabbin)
  • General Surgery Nights HMO (Dandenong & Clayton)
  • Intensive Care HMO (Clayton)
  • Orthopaedic HMO (Dandenong)
  • Paediatric Surgery HMO (Clayton)
  • Plastic Surgery HMO (Dandenong)
  • Plastics/Neurosurgery HMO (Casey)
  • Urology HMO (Moorabbin & Casey)
  • Vascular Surgery HMO (Dandenong)
  • Neurosurgery HMO (Clayton)
  • ENT/MaxFacs/Ophthalmology/Vascular HMO (Dandenong)
  • Ortho/Plastics/ENT/Urology/Vasc/MaxFacs Surger HMO (Clayton)

General HMO2

  • General – Emergency Medicine Stream
  • Emergency Medicine HMO (Casey, Dandenong, Clayton)
  • General Medicine HMO (Clayton)
  • Geriatric Medicine HMO (Kingston)
  • Mental Health HMO (Dandenong)
  • Plastic Surgery HMO (Dandenong)
  • General – GP Stream
  • Emergency Medicine HMO (Dandenong & Clayton)
  • Emergency Paediatric HMO (Clayton & Casey)
  • Ear, Nose & Throat HMO (Casey)
  • Mental Health HMO (Clayton)
  • Palliative Care HMO (Casey)
  • Hospital in the Home HMO (Clayton/Casey)
  • Paediatric HMO (Casey)
  • General – Traditional Stream
  • General Medicine/Surgery/Mental Health Nights HMO (Casey)
  • Mental Health HMO (Dandenong)
  • Orthopaedic Surgery HMO (Moorabbin)
  • Paediatrics HMO (Dandenong)
  • General – Medical (unaccredited) Stream
  • Cardiology (MonashHeart) HMO (Clayton & Dandenong)
  • General Medicine HMO (Clayton, Dandenong & Casey)
  • General Medicine Nights HMO (Dandenong)
  • Respiratory HMO (Clayton)