HMO3, HMO4+ Positions

Applications for 2020 HMO3, HMO4+ positions with Monash Health

There are so many opportunities for our HMO3/4+’s at Monash Health. We have every specialty at Monash Health so GP hopefuls can access Paediatrics, Obstetric & Gynaecology, and Certificate of Women’s’ Health/Diploma of Obstetrics (6 months rotations), critical care.

You can continue down the Physicians pathway and apply for a BPT2 position (through the PMCV match), or for a Surgical or General stream HMO position.

Those interested in Critical Care should note our highly successful (and highly competitive!) Critical Care HMO positions.


Basic Physician Training – BPT2, BPT3

HMO3+ (BPT2)

  • Cardiology (MonashHeart) HMO (Clayton & Dandenong)
  • Endocrinology HMO (Dandenong)
  • Gastroenterology HMO (Dandenong)
  • General Medicine Registrar (Casey, Warragul, Latrobe)
  • Haematology HMO (Clayton)
  • Infectious Diseases HMO (Clayton & Dandenong)
  • Intensive Care HMO (Clayton)
  • Nephrology (Renal) HMO (Clayton)
  • Neurology/Stroke HMO (Clayton)
  • Oncology HMO (Dandenong & Moorabbin)
  • Geriatric & Aged Care Registrar (Kingston)

Registrar (BPT3)

  • General Medicine Registrar (Casey, Clayton, Dandenong, Epworth, Latrobe)
  • General Medicine Nights Registrar (Casey, Clayton, Dandenong)
  • Geriatric & Aged Care Registrar (Kingston)
  • Specialty Advanced Trainee Leave Cover
  • Hospital in the Home (HITH) Registrar (Clayton, Casey, Dandenong)

HMO3 / HMO4, Provisional Registrar – Surgical Stream

HMO2 Surgical Stream

  • Cardiothoracic Surgery HMO (Clayton)
  • Critical Care HMO (Latrobe)
  • Ear, Nose & Throat HMO (Moorabbin)
  • ENT/MaxFacs/Ophathalmology/Vascular HMO (Dandenong)
  • General Surgery Nights HMO (Clayton & Dandenong)
  • General Surgery Registrar
  • Neurosurgery HMO (Clayton)
  • Orthopaedics/Plastics/ENT/Urology/Vascular/MaxFacs HMO (Clayton)
  • Orthopaedics HMO (Dandenong)
  • Paediatric Surgery HMO (Clayton)
  • Plastic Surgery/Neurosurgery HMO (Casey)
  • Urology HMO (Moorabbin)
  • Vascular Surgery HMO (Dandenong)
  • Intensive Care Medicine (Clayton)

HMO3, HMO4/+ & Provisional Registrar Surgical Stream

  • General Surgery After hours HMO (Moorabbin)
  • Plastic HMO (Dandenong)
  • General Surgery Nights HMO (Clayton, Dandenong & Moorabbin)
  • Neurosurgery HMO (Clayton)
  • Breast Surgery HMO (Moorabbin)
  • Ear, Nose & Throat Surgery HMO (Moorabbin)
  • General Surgery Registrar (Moorabbin)
  • Upper Gastrointestinal Surgery HMO (Clayton)
  • Urology HMO (Moorabbin)
  • Intensive Care Medicine (Clayton)
  • Plastic Surgery HMO (Dandenong)
  • Colorectal Surgery HMO (Dandenong)
  • Cardiothoracic Surgery HMO (Clayton)

Some rotations have minimum year level requirements

  • Cardiothoracic Surgery Registrar (Dandenong)
  • General Surgery Registrar (ASU) (Clayton)
  • General Surgery Nights (Clayton)
  • General Surgery Registrar (Dandenong)
  • Neurosurgery HMO (Clayton)
  • Vascular Surgery HMO (Dandenong)
  • Orthopaedics HMO (Moorabbin)

Some rotations have minimum year level requirements

  • General Surgery Registrar (ASU) (Clayton)
  • General Surgery Registrar Nights (Dandenong, Casey)
  • General Surgery Registrar Nights (Casey)
  • General Surgery After Hours Registrar (Dandenong)
  • Vascular Surgery Registrar (Dandenong)
  • SET Trainee Leave Cover (various) *Min Prov Reg

Diploma Obstetrics & Gynaecology/Certificate Women’s Health

Rotations available

  • Diploma Obstetrics & Gynaecology / Certificate of Women’s Health
    3-4 x Six Month positions per semester – Clayton / Moorabbin
    3 x Six Month positions per semester – Dandenong
    2 x Six Month positions per semester – Casey
  • Obstetrics & Gynaecology Provisional HMO Positions:
    12 month positions available – Clayton & Dandenong only
    (6 month positions on request)

Critical Care Stream

Rotations available

  • Intensive Care Medicine (Dandenong – 6 months)
  • Emergency Medicine HMO (10-12 weeks)
  • 5 Weeks Annual leave plus 5-7 weeks relieving/night duty

HMO3 General Stream

Rotations available

Preferences for rotations will be made by job lines which are currently under construction.

Finalised job lines will be available approx. September 2019

General – Emergency Medicine Stream

  • Cardiology (MonashHeart) HMO (Clayton)
  • Emergency HMO (Clayton, Casey & Dandenong)
  • Nephrology (Renal) HMO (Clayton)
  • Orthopaedic Surgery HMO (Dandenong)
  • Geriatric HMO & After Hours Cover (Kingston)

General – GP Stream

  • Addiction Medicine HMO (Dandenong)
  • Emergency Medicine HMO (Clayton & Dandenong)
  • Geriatric Medicine HMO (Kingston)
  • Innovation & Quality HMO (Clayton)
  • Obstetrics & Gynaecology HMO (Casey)
  • Paediatrics HMO (Casey)
  • Nephrology (Renal) HMO (Clayton)

General – Medicine Stream (non-accredited)

  • Cardiology (MonashHeart) HMO (Clayton)
  • Gastroenterology HMO (Clayton & Dandenong)
  • General Medicine HMO (Casey, Clayton, Dandenong)
  • General Medicine Nights HMO (Dandenong)
  • Geriatric Medicine HMO (Kingston)
  • Haematology HMO (Clayton)
  • Hospital in the Home HMO (Clayton, Casey & Dandenong)
  • Infectious Diseases HMO (Clayton)
  • Medical Specialty After hours HMO (Dandenong)
  • Nephrology (Renal) HMO (Clayton)
  • Neurology/Stroke HMO (Clayton)
  • Respiratory HMO (Clayton)
  • Thalassemia HMO (Clayton)

General – Traditional Stream

  • Emergency HMO (Casey)
  • General Medicine/General Surgery AFter hours HMO (Casey)
  • General Medicine HMO (Jessie McPherson)
  • General Medicine/Surgery/Mental Health Nights HMO (Casey)
  • Intensive Care HMO (Clayton & Mildura)
  • Mental Health HMO (Dandenong)
  • MHTP Clinical Trials HMO (Translation Precinct, Clayton)
  • Obstetrics & Gynaecology HMO (Dandenong & Mildura)
  • Orthopaedic Surgery HMO (Moorabbin)
  • Paediatric Nights HMO (Clayton)
  • Paediatric HMO (Dandenong & Mildura)
  • Paediatric Intensive Care HMO (Clayton)
  • Rehabilitation HMO (Kingston & Dandenong)