How To: Filter Pathology Results

This is the first part in a series of tutorials about how to check pathology results at Monash Health.

Welcome to part 2.

Once you have searched for a particular patient’s pathology results, a screen like this should appear.

Pathology Search Results

The drop down box, next to discipline provides a range of options as can be seen below


Pathology Filter

This allows you to filter what kind of results you would like to see. For example

Anatomical pathology will provide results on histopathology from biopsies/other operative procedures

Blood bank will provide results of previous blood group/product requests

Biochemistry will show routine UEC/CMP requests amongst others

Haematology will show routine FBE/coagulation factor requests

This is only a sampling of what is included in each category but should give you a rough idea. There are a number of other categories as can be seen in the image above.

This can be particularly useful when trying to identify a trend in results during a prolonged admission or search for results from some time ago.