How To: View an Admission in Scanned Medical Records (SMR)

This article is part of a series on how to use SMR:

To view any previous hospital admissions for a patient, click the admissions tab.

SMR Admissions Tab


You can now see a list of admissions for this patient. Note that if the admission is in the recent past, the medical record may not have been scanned yet. You can identify these admissions by the absence of an icon to the immediate left of the label (e.g. like the last item in the list shown in the picture above). The site of admission is indicated in brackets:

  • (B) is Berwick which is Casey Hospital.
  • (C) is Clayton which is Monash Medical Centre
  • (D) is Dandenong which is Dandenong Hospital
  • (M) is Moorabbin which is Moorabbin Hospital
  • (J) is Jessie MacPherson Private Hospital

Clicking on an admission will present you with a list of scanned documents pertaining to that admission:

SMR Document List


Clicking on the document in the left side navigation pane will show you a preview of the document on the right. A clever trick to determine a patient’s location in the hospital, is to hover over an admission:

SMR Hover

*Note that this not always 100% accurate but often can at least tell you which ward you need to call/visit!