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As an intern, you may at times feel overwhelmed or stressed.  It’s okay to reach out and talk to someone because we believe no doctor should struggle in silence. All interns will be invited to have an informal chat  – to ‘checkin’ – to see how they are travelling, what improvements we could make to the intern program, and importantly make sure all interns know what supports exist within Monash Health and beyond to support them.

Checkin initiative summary to interns can be viewed here.

What are some of the things that interns might want to talk to someone about throughout the year?

a great achievement; further learning opportunities; feeling unsupported; isolated; overwhelmed; fatigued; career decisions; mental health issues/concerns; talking through stressful events; professional conflict/stresses; assessments …..

At Monash Health we employ a Wellbeing Officer, Medical Education Officers and Directors of Clinical Training who all have responsibility for intern wellbeing and the intern program as a whole.  Each has their own special interest areas, so interns should feel comfortable in approaching any of these staff.

Under this initiative, each intern will meet with a Chat-er.  Here is an introduction to each:


Andrea Bramley

Andrea is the Manager of Monash Doctors Education and Dietitian who has worked across all areas of health. Andrea is passionate about all education, whether its teaching people living with T1D to count carbs, student dietitians to be excellent clinicians or health professionals to be outstanding and empathetic clinical teachers. This passion prompted her to complete a PhD in the area of Entrustable Professional Activities. Like most dietitians, Andrea loves food and eating out so restaurant recommendations gratefully accepted.

rosemary compressed Rosemary McKimmish

Rosemary is a nurse & midwife with over 20 years’ experience in HMO Management and is passionate about the pastoral care of doctors.  She has 2 daughters and a 4 year old grandson; she is a tragic Melbourne Demons fan and has belonged to the same BookClub for (OMG!) 30+ years. She loves bush camping, canoeing, cooking for friends and very early morning walks with her Jack Russel terrier Lexie.  Rosemary is currently the Wellbeing Officer.

Karen Yates

Karen is an experienced Registered Nurse with over 20 years in healthcare, with a background in Paediatric Nursing.  She completed her Master of Nursing in 2008 in between having 2 children. Early on in her career she took on roles that required teaching and mentoring junior staff. She has worked as a clinical nurse specialist, asthma educator, as a trainer for the EMR roll out and even did a stint as a sales rep. More recently she has worked as a clinical educator shaping the future of our nurses. With a passion for education and ensuring high quality care, Karen is enthusiastic to support the junior doctors as they navigate the way through their first year as a doctor. In her spare time Karen loves spending time with family, friends and her furbabies.

Shayne Magee

Shayne has been in nursing for more than 12 years, predominantly working in ED for close to 10 of those 12 years. Having completed his Masters in Acute clinical medicine in 2018, Shayne found his passion for education and has been using it to help his Nursing colleagues as well as the new JMS in Monash health. In his spare time (mostly weekends) Shayne plays the drums and is an avid Formula 1 and Brisbane Lions Fan.