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Monash Doctors Education extends a very warm welcome to you. We are excited to have you join the Monash Health team.

You will have received a postal pack with resources that we will refer to throughout O-Week. We are grateful for our sponsors who have made these packages possible, and encourage you to reach out and connect with them via the dedicated webex lunchtime sessions (sort of like a virtual walk around conference tables that you’d typically do in a f2f orientation).

Here we are as a team – we are looking forward to meeting you on Webex during O-Week:

The orientation is part of the broader Intern Curriculum, which can be viewed here


The focus of the Monash Health orientation program is to ensure your readiness for work. The objectives include:

  • Set work and learning expectations for the internship year
  • Foster strong relationships between interns and Monash Doctors Education (MDE)/Monash Doctors Workforce (MDW)
  • Support transition from student to doctor with skills/knowledge and professionalism that will enable interns to perform well in the first month
  • Enable interns to have some awareness of the roles other health professions play within the team
  • Model Monash Health as a health care organisation that develops effective teams in addition to individual competence

Further Information

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Intern Orientation Help

You must ensure that your employee number and password work before O-Week, as these are needed to use the Webex conferencing platform.

Your employee number and initial system password will have been emailed to you weeks ago.  Please check your personal email for these details and accompanying instructions.

If you can’t find these instructions, contact IT Help contact : 03 9594 7255

To log into Webex:
  • Go to https://monashhealth.webex.com/
  • Preferably don’t use Explorer, if you do, then you’ll need to click ‘classic view’
  • Click the ‘sign in’ in the top right hand corner
  • Enter your Monash Health email (do not use your personal email account, as you are ‘pre-registered’ to the OWeek sessions and this enables us to delegate you to breakaway groups)
  • Enter your employee number (not email) and Monash Health password
  • You will now see a list of “Upcoming Meetings” for each day – click on the relevant session to enter

For any webex troubleshooting issues, call IT 03 9594 7255.

Please also text Monash Doctors Education if there is a session on, to let us know that you are having trouble when you contact IT, so we can note your absence and also support you, if we can. Text us on: 0437 272 833

A list of your designated practice domain login/patient details are located on the button located in the Information section above.

Using your employee number and password, access the Monash Health learning system (called Latte)  HERE.

When you log in, the mandatory training modules will have autopopulated on your dashboard.

For the other required training modules, search under the key words from their title.

A summary of all the online learning that you need to  complete in O-Week, are on this page

Email lmsadmin@monashhealth.org for assistance with Latte issues.

Don’t forget that you will be audited for completion of all training on Friday morning.

Log into webmail remotely via: webmail.monashhealth.org

Note, a security code will be sent to your mobile to verify your access when you enter your employee number and password.

Logging into a Monash Health desktop remotely can be done easily (it is an exact mirror of what you’ll see when you login at your unit, so you can access EMR, intranet, Prompt, Clinical apps etc) via Citrix: portal.monashhealth.org

When you go into this portal, it will download Citrix software on your computer – this is quick and easy. You just need to click ‘Clinical Desktop’.

Please note, you can access your emails via outlook and Webex through this Citrix Portal, however do not access Webex via citrix as you cannot get reliable sound – always open Webex in a fresh screen from your PC/Mac ONLY

You may visit the security office at either out Monash Health Dandong or Clayton site anytime between 8.00am and 8.00pm.

It is expected that you will get this pass before the commencement of O-Week. You will need it on your shadow days and will not have time to do it on those days. Also, we need to keep queueing at the security offices to a minimum due to covid social distancing requirements.

Please ensure that you bring a form of ID with you eg. Drivers license and your employee number so that they can issue your photo security ID Access Card.

Security offices are located at:

Clayton Site-246 Clayton Rd, Clayton VIC 3168

  • Ground Floor- Once you walk in from main entrance of the hospital you will walk past main reception that will be on your right hand side, veer to the right as you will find Blue Lifts just behind the reception.
  • You will go one floor down via blue lifts, once you walk out turn left and then first right
  • Follow that corridor past food services and you will come to a corridor on your first right hand side, follow that corridor for about 10 meters and you will find security office there on the right hand side.

Dandenong Site-135 David St, Dandenong VIC 3175

You will enter through the Emergency front door, not the main entrance. The security office is located next to the emergency triage and reception desk on the right hand side.

TIP:  Ring Security in advance and confirm that they can see your name on Peoplestream (the database) as you don’t want to turn up and not be able to collect your swipecard (MDW/Recruitment have confirmed that all 2021 interns are on the dateabase, but a couple of early interns experienced a bit of confusion and were turned away). Ph. 9594 2139



Nyarie Morris

P: 03 5671 3102

E: nyarie.morris@basscoasthealth.com.au


Kris Hollier

P: 03 5623 0791

E: hrmed.admin@wghg.com.au


Teresa Boylan-Kelly

P: (03) 5022 3478

E: TBoylan-Kelly@mbph.org.au

Help is always easily at hand during O-Week with questions you have about EMR/Prescribing.

Download  the Webex Teams app (you can locate instructions on doing this via the Online Training page).  Once you’ve done this, login using your Monash Health email and password, and click into the “EMR/Prescribing Help” group.

Summary 2020 JMS Orientation – MDW Operations .

Kronos is the system Monash Health uses to record your shifts and timesheet. You will use kronos to sign-off your timesheet – this can be done by the Kronos Moible App. It is highly recommended that you download the app – instructions are here.

Please note that you’ll only be able to login to the kronos app after your first day, Monday.

For instructions on how to login to Kronos: instructions here

WARD simulation training is a full day course that all interns complete in the first half of the year.
For rural interns, they are allocated to complete this either on the Wednesday or Thursday of OWeek, to better prepare them for their rural rotation.
The session is held at:

Moorabbin Hospital 823 – 865 Centre Rd, Bentleigh East

Please arrive 15 mins early – late arrivals are highly disruptive for the small group. The simulation centre can be contacted on: 9928 8314

Contact Monash Doctors Education (MDE) via mededucation@monashhealth.org or ph. 0437 272 833.

You’ll also need to contact Monash Doctors Workforce (MDW) so that your kronos (timecard) can be adjusted:

Main Line
Mon-Fri 0800 – 1630
(03) 9594 3963


For any COVID queries, including Monash Health staff testing etc, call the MH Hotline.

The Intern Curriculum Summary outlines the assessment requirements.
Please note that all assessments MUST be submitted via our online portal, using the most current assessment form located on this link.  We cannot accept email or hard copies.  You should always keep a copy of the original assessment.

Monash Doctors Education prides itself on supporting interns and actively seeks feedback.  Each day, there will be an evaluation that you can make comment on.  If you would like to talk further to us, or issues arise during O-Week, please contact our friendly Medical Education Officers, Manna or Shannon here.

Manna and Shannon are also your first port of call for any confidential discussions you may like to discuss.  We commonly work with interns who have chronic health concerns such as mental health – often talking to the MEO before or early in the rotation allows you to feel supported and connected as the demands of the intern year can be challenging for everyone.

Monash Health also has a Wellbeing Officer, Rosemary McKemmish who is always very happy to talk to junior doctors.  She can be contacted here

Don’t forget that you also have a QR code on your lanyard that will link you to Wellbeing supports.

View instructions on How to add your Monash Health email to an iPhone or iPad with iOS 14 Here

View instructions on how to connect your android  Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) to the Monash Health wireless network:

Anroid 9

Android 10

Always have a conversation with your supervisor at the start of the rotation, regarding what the expectations and limitations are for your practice during your rotation.

PMCV also have guidelines that state some specific limitations, which can be viewed here and here.

“If in doubt, ask!”

Monash Doctors Education is here to support you!

We have a dedicated Helpdesk during O-Week to help with any questions – we’ll either help you directly, or get you in contact with the right person. We understand that it can be overwhelming starting work in such a large health service:

Help Desk to support you via 0437 272 833 or mededucation@monashhealth.org