International Medical Graduates

There are a number of overseas trained doctors working within Monash Health.

Monash Health recognises that there are a range of issues which wholly or partially have a greater impact on these international medical graduates (IMGs), including:

  • IMGs have not always been well orientated to our healthcare system, culture and workplace
  • IMGs often require additional support to optimise their communication with patients and healthcare workers
  • There is no single point source of information for IMGs
  • There is significant variability in medical knowledge and clinical skills of IMGs and historically, IMGs have not necessarily been employed in positions that were appropriate for their knowledge, skills and previous experience
  • There has often been limited supervision and feedback processes

Monash Health is committed to working with state and federal governments to address these issues. IMGs are employed at Monash Health in accordance with the:

International Health Professionals Victoria is a service by the Victorian Government Department of Health providing free and confidential information for International Medical Graduates (IMGs) and employers, designed as a one-stop-shop to cover work eligibility, registration, immigration, employment, regional and lifestyle information. We work in partnership with specialist colleges, regulatory, registration and government bodies to ensure that information is up to date and consistent. They can be contacted via phone 1300 IHP VIC (447842) or email

It is mandatory that all “IMG” HMOs have an end of term assessment completed for each rotation. The assessments are important and are allow your Principal Supervisor and Co supervisor to oversee your work performance.

Please go to the IMG Assessments page for further information.

IMG Tutorial Starter Series

Currently IMGs typically find the transition to working in an Australian hospital difficult, so they need more support to successfully work within our Organization. The IMG tutorial Series has been established in 2023 to address this issue.  

Briefly, The IMG tutorial series are a series of Tutorials/ talks which we intend will occur every Monday Between 1230- 1330 starting on the 6th of March . The teaching and talks will focus on detailed orientation to the Australian Health Care system, clinical reasoning and a range of high priority clinical topics including managing sick patients, top tips for successfully working in Medicine, Surgery and ED . The tutorials will focus on areas that have been identified as challenging for our IMG colleagues. 

To join the IMG Tutorial Starter Series click HERE