Monash Care – The Mental Health & Wellbeing Strategy for Monash Doctors!

‘Monash Care – The Mental Health & Wellbeing Strategy for Monash Doctors’ has been highlighted as a case study by beyondblue on the Heads Up website. You can check it out here!

‘Monash Care – The Mental Health & Wellbeing Strategy for Monash Doctors’ aims to create an actively-caring work environment so no Monash Doctor struggles in silence though a number of programs & strategic partnerships including:

The Monash Doctors Council Executive reassures all Monash Doctors that there is zero tolerance to workplace bullying, harassment and inappropriate behaviour. The Monash Doctors Council Executive strongly urge all Monash Doctors, to report bullying, harassment and inappropriate behaviour immediately.

If you witness, or are the subject of, inappropriate workplace behaviour, this is what you can do:

  1. If you feel comfortable to do it, and only if you feel safe enough to do so, you should firmly ask the person exhibiting the behaviour to stop
  2. Report the matter as soon as possible via telephone (03 9594 2741) or email to:
    1. Dr Anjali Dhulia, Chief Medical Officer (email:; or
    2. Dr Jason Goh, Director Medical Services (email:;

The Monash Doctors Council Executive reminds Monash Doctors that there are also other resources available to provide advice and support if required. Rosemary Mckemmish, Monash Doctors Wellbeing Officer, is available on 0427 409 310. Junior medical staff members can also talk to a Monash Doctors JMS Peer Supporter who are a panel of Junior Doctors trained to provide advice to their peers when they are dealing with a stressful situation at work. Peer Supporters contact details are available on

The Monash Doctors Council Executive, as the medical leaders for Monash Health, are committed to a safe working environment for all staff, including Monash Doctors. We want to assure all Monash Doctors that you will be fully supported and protected when you report inappropriate behaviour, and the behaviour will be appropriately investigated. Thank you for being a Monash Doctor and for standing together with us.

Monash Care was officially launched in October 2014 aimed at improving the health & welfare of all Monash Doctors.

The 2013 Mental Health Survey of Doctors and Medical Students conducted by beyondblue found that compared to the Australian population and other Australian professionals, doctors reported substantially higher rates of burnout, psychological distress & attempted suicide.

Monash Care is Monash Health’s commitment to address the issues relating to mental health & wellbeing for our doctors. We were honoured to have the Honourable Mr Jeff Kennett AC, Chairman of beyondblue as a special guest at the launch.