General Enquiries

P: 9594 3743

Director Monash Doctors Education

Dr Christina Johnson

P: 0410 454 535

Personal Assistant /Administration

Pina Tyrrell

P: 95943743

Education Manager

Janita Keating

P: 9594 4848

Directors of Clinical Training

Dr Shannon Jarvis

Dr Wendy Lim

Dr Kylie Horne

P: 0402 086 814

Dr Michael Low

Work Based Assessment Program

Dr Rob Roseby

Medical Education Officers

Manna McLeod, RN

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Peter Cahill

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Monash Doctors Education (MDE)

Role of Monash Doctors Education

Prevocational Junior Medical staff

  • Core focus group is Interns and HMOs
  • Advocate for quality training and supervision
  • Advice and support services to units and ¬†supervisors regarding teaching, supervision and feedback
  • Collaboratively assist units and JMS to analyse and assist when performance concerns raised
  • Collaboratively develop targeted learning plans with JMS and offer support (via Director of Clinical Training (DCT)
  • Assist with wellbeing and education support (via Medical Education Officers (MEO))
  • Co-ordinate intern and HMO tutorial program, orientation and additional learning such as procedural workshops (across Monash Health sites)
  • Work with Monash Doctors Workforce to ensure PMCV accreditation compliance for interns and HMO2

All Doctors

  • Provide supervision resources, advice and training
  • Lead Monash Doctors Education Council (MDEC)
  • Management/leadership training for Unit Heads
  • Co-ordinate communication skills workshops

The MDE Team