General Enquiries

P: 9594 3743

Please call the MDE general enquiries number for all queries as  Monash Doctors Education staff are currently working from  home  due to COVID 19

Director Monash Doctors Education

Dr Christina Johnson

M: 0410 454 535

Personal Assistant /Administration

Pina Tyrrell

P: 95943743

Education Manager

Janita Keating

P: 9594 4848

Directors of Clinical Training

Dr Shannon Jarvis

Dr Wendy Lim

Dr Michael Low

Dr Daniel Foley

Work Based Assessment Program

Dr Rob Roseby

Medical Education Officers

Manna McLeod, RN

P: 9594 4808

M: 0418 529 045

Shannon Meehan, RN

P: 9594 4807

M: 0419 152 948


Peter Cahill

P: 9594  4809



Monash Doctors Education (MDE)

Role of Monash Doctors Education

Prevocational Junior Medical staff

  • Core focus group is Interns and HMOs
  • Advocate for quality training and supervision
  • Advice and support services to units and  supervisors regarding teaching, supervision and feedback
  • Collaboratively assist units and JMS to analyse and assist when performance concerns raised
  • Collaboratively develop targeted learning plans with JMS and offer support (via Director of Clinical Training (DCT)
  • Assist with wellbeing and education support (via Medical Education Officers (MEO))
  • Co-ordinate intern and HMO tutorial program, orientation and additional learning such as procedural workshops (across Monash Health sites)
  • Work with Monash Doctors Workforce to ensure PMCV accreditation compliance for interns and HMO2

All Doctors

  • Provide supervision resources, advice and training
  • Lead Monash Doctors Education Council (MDEC)
  • Management/leadership training for Unit Heads
  • Co-ordinate communication skills workshops

The MDE Team