Monash RMO Society!

Welcome to the Monash RMO Society! We are a not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing all junior medical staff at Monash Health with food, drinks, coffee, fun, community and support when you need it.


President: Zoe Guo (

Vice Presidents: Ming Fang(

Secretary: Izzy Hau (

Treasurer: Alex Cochrane-Davis (

Sponsorship Representatives: Daniel Buckley, Claudia Morales and Maddy Jones


Each hospital in the Monash Health network has its own Resident’s Lounge (Ressies) for junior medical staff to relax and socialise.

You might stumble across the night resident snoozing on the couch. Or perhaps run into the surgical registrar having some downtime between cases. Or the hungry cover intern looking for a quick snack long after Zouki has closed.

You might start noticing some changes, including fewer mysterious stains on the couches and a more pleasant odour over the coming weeks to months. Those who dislike too much change will be pleased to know that we intend on keeping the blue feature wall at Clayton.





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Introducing the Monash RMO Society:
A rag-tag bunch of misfits, democratically elected (unopposed) to deliver some joy to all junior medical staff at Monash Health. Thanks to the RMO society, never experience hypoglycaemia on a Tuesday again, as cake day lands at Clayton and Dandenong. The only complaint so far has been ‘too much caramel’, which like the link between vaccines and autism is not a real thing.

We also know that most of your Monash Health colleagues are so wonderful that you will want to hang out with them outside of work! To help you with cementing these friendships forever, we are organising many fun events this year. These include drinks (complete with generous bar tab), bowls, trivia nights, and if I have my way, a séance, because despite the rumours that Kingston is haunted, no recent ghost sightings have been reported.

The highlight of the social calendar is Valedictory. Valedictory is held at the end of the work year and serves as a grand farewell to our colleagues who are leaving the Monash family to continue their training elsewhere. rmo3 rmo4