The Senior Medical Staff Association (SMSA) is an autonomous professional organisation of Monash Health Senior Medical Staff.

The SMSA role is to:

  • Support Senior Medical Staff in their work within the Network
  • Support their welfare
  • Encourage Clinical Research and Scientific Advancement as evidenced by annual Senior Medical Staff Research Award and Scientific Meeting
  • Contribute to continuing Medical Education as seen by substantial annual contributions to the Medical Library, Scientific Program, Post Graduate Education Program and the donation of Undergraduate prizes to graduating medical students
  • Work with Medical Administration of Monash Health to ensure the best clinical outcome for our patients
  • Act as a conduit for the dissemination of information to Medical Staff
  • Liaise with AMA re industrial matters
  • Meet periodically with the Monash Health Board to discuss matters of importance
  • Recognise medical retirees who have contributed 15 years or more to Monash Health

Contact Kathy Mihopoulos, SMSA Administration Assistant, for any queries relating to joining the Association 03 9594 2537

Senior Medical Staff Association Membership Form

  1. A Dispute Resolution Committee – an objective group of SMS respected by their peers and the hospital administration will help adjudicate over issues including, CME disputes, Non Clinical Time allocation, pay rates, and entitlements. They will try to resolve issues between the SMS member and the administration and settle matters before they escalate.
  2. Facilities – comfortable serviced lounges for computer access/work space/meetings/relaxation at MMC Clayton, Dandenong Hospital, Moorabbin Hospital and Kingston Centre. Soon to expand to Casey Hospital.
  3. Communication – regular newsletters. Six monthly meetings involving a presentation and feedback from the CEO and Chief Medical Officer.
  4. Support Schemes and Awards
    • Best Final Year Students
    • Clinical Academic Fellowship
    • Research Awards
      • Emerging Research Investigator Award
      • Henry Burger Award
    • Library Grant
    • Intern Recruitment Awards
    • Women In Medicine
    • Monash Care
    • Clayton Bike Shed
  5. Facilitation, Esprit de Coeur and social interactions – Annual Dinner subsidised for SMSA members, Golf Day, information sessions, workshops and cultural gatherings.
  6. Recognition of SMS Achievements – citations and medals for special achievers and for long term service
  7. Research Week – Annual celebration and update of Research advances relevant to advances in clinical care
  8. Support for retirees and Alumni
  9. Liaison with the AMA on industrial issues
  10. Regular representation of issues important to the SMS to the Monash Health Board

SMSA Executive

Dr John TroupisChair, Radiologist
Dr Sarah MartinTreasurer, General Surgeon
Dr Corinne OoiBreast Surgeon
Dr James BurnesRadiologist
Dr Paul ShekletonObstetrician & Gynaecologist
Dr Chris XenosNeurosurgeon
Dr Julie LustigGeriatrician
Dr Peter FergusonPaediatric Surgeon
A/Prof Ronnie PtasznikProgram Director Imaging & Radiologist
Dr Martin TuszynskiPaediatrician
Dr Atul MalhotraPaediatrician, Neonatologist
Dr Claire DendleInfectious Diseases Physician, Director Physician Education