Clinical Supervision

Prevocational medical education for junior doctors comprises clinical learning in a supervised setting. All prevocational doctors at Monash Health must have an allocated Clinical Supervisor.

What is Clinical Supervision?

Clinical Supervision is the oversight (direct or indirect) by a clinical supervisor of professional procedures and processes performed by a supervisee within a clinical setting for the purpose of guiding, providing feedback on, and assessing personal, professional and educational development in the context of each supervisee’s experience of providing safe, appropriate and high-quality patient care.

  • Direct supervision means that the clinical supervisor is present, observes, works with and directs the junior doctor who is being supervised i.e. The clinical supervisor is physically present at the workplace, within or covering the same unit as the prevocational trainee.
  • Indirect supervision means that the clinical supervisor is not physically present to directly observe activities undertaken by the junior doctor but is easily contactable (e.g. by telephone).

Click here to search PROMPT for the Monash Health Clinical Supervision Policy and Monash Doctors Procedure.

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