Continuing Medical Education Claims (Senior Medical Staff)

SAP Concur – Continuing Medical Education expenses

We have introduced SAP Concur, the app is the only method needed to claim all Senior Medical Staff (SMS) claim reimbursement of Continuing Medical Education (CME) expenses. The app will provide:

  • the CME claimable amount/entitlement for the fiscal year
  • any CME carryover that is allowed from the previous fiscal year, and
  • where a claim is in the workflow.

**SAP Concur will only change the method of claiming, please refer to guidelines on what can be claimed under CME.

How will SAP Concur work?

You can download the SAP Concur app from the Apple Store for Apple iOS, or Google Play for Android. You can also access SAP Concur via your web browser.

To log into SAP Concur via a web browser or the app, use your Monash Health access directory email address ( and sign in with SSO (Single Sign On).

To make a claim through SAP Concur:

  • enter the claim and upload the receipts to SAP Concur
  • Medical Workforce will review the claim
  • the Program Director will approve the claim
  • the claim will be processed by Payroll in the usual manner.

More information

You can read more about SAP Concur in the Knowledge Hub, and access the Quick Reference Guide for help with submitting a claim.

Guideline / Information


Airfare Reimbursements (Business Vs Private Travel days)

Per Diem Rates

Cost Group International
1 =/<$300 AUD
2 =/<$300 AUD
3 =/<$300 AUD
4 =/<$400 AUD
5 =/<$500 AUD
6 =/<$600 AUD