Continuing Medical Education Claims

Due to the situation with COVID-19 Disease, MDW staff are working remotely from home and we therefore request all CME claims to be submitted electronically via email.  Please submit scanned signature page of your application and email your claim with supporting documentation to our Email account –

Please refer to COVID-19 intranet page for employment conditions and leave entitlements on Overseas Travel and CME-related overseas travel.

Statutory Declarations

ATO Tax Determination – Per Diem rates (2020/21)

International Accommodation CME per night rates – Cost Group Codes (2020/21)

Cost Group International
1 =/<$300 AUD
2 =/<$300 AUD
3 =/<$300 AUD
4 =/<$400 AUD
5 =/<$500 AUD
6 =/<$600 AUD