Monash Doctors Education (MDE) is a multidisciplinary team delivering high quality education & training programs to enable doctors to optimise healthcare in partnership with patients, families & the healthcare team.  

A major focus is on learning and training for prevocational medical trainees (PGY1 and PGY2) and new International Medical Graduates (IMGs). We are committed to enabling high quality teaching and learning on the job, educational advocacy and wellbeing support. In particular, we oversee the education components of the National Framework for Prevocational Medical Training, facilitate formal teaching (such as tutorials and clinical skills teaching), provided individual learning support and assistance, and administrative support for assessments. We collaborate with the Junior Medical Officer Education and Training committee to continually enhance training. Our team supports the professional development of prevocational unit supervisors. MDE also administers the Workplace based Assessment Program (an alternative to AMC Clinical Exam). 

We are committed to influencing and improving the education environment at Monash Health through the Monash Doctors Education Council and the Monash Health Education Governance Panel and undertaking education research.