Monash Doctors Education (MDE) is responsible for providing & coordinating education and training activity for our Monash Doctors. We focus on teaching and learning for interns and HMOs but we also work closely with vocational training providers to support their education programs and senior medical staff in their professional development.

The unit has a Medical and Operations Director, Directors of Clinical Training (DCTs), Supervisors of Intern Training (SiTs), Medical Education Officers and administrative staff. We also have a Monash Doctors Education advisory group comprising a small group of prevocational doctors which meet on a regular basis to discuss issues and ideas on medical education.

Our purpose is to facilitate and deliver high quality teaching and learning that is focused on the development of doctors’ clinical knowledge and skills and professional development.

“I feel very supported in my role as a medical practitioner involved in the delivery of patient-centred care. As a member of this organisation, my welfare has been well taken care of. I have opportunities to be involved in research and attend educational meetings. I have consultants who genuinely care for my work-life balance and offer great career advice. It is the welcoming environment that further motivates me to perform my role diligently” (Intern, 2014)