Monash Doctors Wellbeing Officer

Monash Health has not only recognised that doctors need particular support, but that they have a dedicated wellbeing role which is part of Monash Care – the Monash Doctors Mental Health & Wellbeing Strategy launched on 22/10/2014.

The Monash Doctors Wellbeing Officer acts as an advocate for our junior medical staff and is an important contact for those JMS who may be experiencing workplace or other stressors.

The Wellbeing Officer will also raise the profile of the importance of mental health and wellbeing for all Monash Doctors by working closely with those JMS who need support to:

  • Provide confidential support to the JMS as much as possible, without stepping into an area of counselling the Doctor
  • Facilitate time off if required, and arrange cover
  • Liaise with Units/Departments about vacancy
  • Act as a referral service for the Doctor to internal & external support services
  • Notify the DCT, MEO & DMS who can provide additional support

Confidential External & Internal Supports
• Employee Assistance Program – Converge International – P. 1300 687 327
Victorian Doctors Health Program (VDHP) – P. (03) 9280 8712
Perinatal Anxiety & Depression Australia (PANDA) – P. 1300 726 306
Beyond Blue Support Service – P. 1300 224 636
AMA Victoria Peer Support Service – P. 1300 853 338
• Monash Health Director, Medical Services – Dr Anand Ponniraivan – P. 9594 2741
• Monash Health Medical Education Officers – Shayne Magee  M 0419 152 948
• Monash Health Doctors Wellbeing Officer – Rosemary McKemmish – M. 0427 409 310

Rosemary McKemmish | 03 9594 2547 | 0427 409 310 

The Monash Care Doctors’ Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategy grew out of the National Mental Health Survey of Doctors & Medical Students conducted by beyondblue which found that:
• Doctors reported substantially higher rates of psychological distress and attempted suicide compared to both the Australian population and other professionals
• Young doctors and female doctors appeared to have higher levels of general & specific mental health problems and reported greater levels of work stress
• The general work experience for Australian doctors is stressful & demanding
• Stigmatising attitudes regarding the performance of doctors with mental health conditions persist

Monash Health is aware that the work experience of doctors and medical students can be stressful and demanding and that seeking help throughout such periods can be difficult.
The MonashCare Doctors’ Health & Wellbeing Strategy is a framework to raise awareness. It aims to reduce workplace stress and create avenues to encourage doctors to seek help by creating a workplace that is encouraging and caring so that no Monash Doctor has to struggle in silence.

Monash Health is committed to providing a safe & supportive workplace for all Monash Doctors that enables a quality training & career experience by ensuring:

• A widespread awareness of Mental Health & Wellbeing
• Preventing workplace stress & psychological distress
• Supporting doctors with identified mental illness
• Building strategic partnerships to achieve workplace wellbeing
• Supporting research to improve our understanding of workplace wellbeing