Workplace Based Assessment (WBA) Program

Overview of Program

The WBA is a minimum 6 month program of assessment undertaken through Monash Doctors Education (MDE). This is an alternative to the AMC Clinical Examination and is run in a handful of sites around Australia. A successful candidate gains their AMC certificate which is a big step towards general registration.


All assessments are at end PGY 1 level;

As per the AMC exam, assessments are in the disciplines of:

  • Child Health
  • Women’s Health
  • Mental Health
  • Adult Medicine
  • Adult Surgery
  • Emergency Medicine

Summative assessments across all disciplines (not per discipline) are:

  • Mini-CEX – 12

(must pass 9 with passes in History Taking, Physical Examination and Counselling/Patient Education domains)

  • Case-based discussions – 6

   (must pass 5)

  • In-training assessment (ITA) – 3

   (all must be satisfactory)

  • Multisource feedback (MSF)      9 colleagues

   (at end of 6 months)

  • Direct observation of procedural skills (DOPS) – 6

  (all must be satisfactory)

Prior to commencing, each candidate has a run-in period of formative assessment – generally 2 Mini-CEX and 2 Case-based discussions (CBD).

To Apply

To be eligible for the Workplace Based Assessment (WBA) Program at Monash Health you must be a current employee of Monash Health, have passed the AMC CAT MCQ and IELTS, have recency of practice in at least 4 of the 6 disciplines, and be performing at a level clearly above expectation. Your role must be broad enough to enable assessments in most of the listed disciplines as part of day-to-day work, and your supervisor needs to agree to participation. If you have never worked as a doctor at Monash Health you must work for 3-6 months here before being considered for entry into the program.



This program is fee paying. Costs for the program are: $10,000 (plus GST).  An amount of $4000 (plus GST) is payable at commencement of the program and then $1000 (plus GST) will be invoiced monthly.

There is also a fee charged and payable directly to the AMC (currently $650). The AMC will send the candidate the invoice for this, usually by email once they accept the nomination from the AMC.

Contact Details

For all enquiries contact Pina Tyrrell at Monash Doctors Education.

Tel: 9594 3743 or email

IMG Workplace-based Assessment Program Lead is Associate Professor Rob Roseby

 Further Information on the WBA program

More information on the WBA program can be found at the AMC site:

Learn more about the assessment tools used in workplace-based assessment

The WBAonline website is designed to help AMC-accredited providers of WBA programs to continue to improve and standardise their training programs and provide AMC candidates on the Standard Pathway (WBA) a clear picture of what to expect when undertaking certain kinds of WBA.

The website features interactive learning modules on two popular WBA assessment tools (case based discussion and multisource feedback). Website users can also watch videos of effective feedback sessions. The modular format enables users to customise their time to the most effective areas for learning.

See the website at

We wish you every success with your future.

For a  flyer containing the above information please Click here

WBA  Assessment Program  – Assessment Forms and Submission

Workplace-based assessment and feedback  forms along with form guidelines for completion  and a submission portal are available on the web site.  Click here.


WBA Assessment Program – Useful Resources

Useful resources for you while doing the WBA assessment program on Mental Health are available on the web site. Click here.