Continuing Professional Development

From January 2024, all doctors Postgraduate Year 3 (PGY3) and above are required to have a designated CPD (Continuing Professional Development) home to comply with new AMC regulations.

Key points to note:

  1. CPD Home Requirement: Every doctor PGY3 and above must be enrolled in a CPD home by January 2024. This is a mandatory requirement for ongoing registration with the medical board.
  2. Exemptions: Interns and PGY2 doctors enrolled in formal training programs are exempt, as their CPD needs are addressed within these programs.
  3. Automatic Fulfillment: Doctors who are already participating in a CPD program through an accredited college training program or another accredited CPD home, such as Doctorportal Learning or Osler, will automatically meet the new CPD requirements.
  4. Further Information: For more detailed information on the CPD changes, please visit Medical Board CPD Information.
  5. Action Required: If you are a doctor PGY3 or above without a CPD home, it is crucial to enrol in one as soon as possible to meet the registration requirements set out by the medical board.

Some training colleges are opening up as a CPD home for non-accredited trainees. As such it may be worth emailing the college(s) of your interest to see if this is an option. Otherwise, you will need to sign up with Doctorportal Learning (provided by the AMA) or Osler.

The way you meet the CPD requirements will vary, and can include various aspects of the clinical and non-clinical workload at Monash, that will contribute to your CPD hours.

Through updated CPD, doctors in Australia will do 50 hours CPD each year, split across a range of activities:

  • 25 hours – reviewing performance and measuring outcomes:
    • doctors decide the best mix of these activities to suit their practice, with five hours minimum of each type
  • 12.5 hours – traditional learning or educational activities – reading, lectures, conferences etc
  • 12.5 hours free choice of activities – doctors allocate these CPD hours.

The CPD home you sign-up for will provide and monitor each doctor’s CPD hours and activities. More info can be found here.