Junior Medical Staff Advisory Committee

The Junior Medical Staff Advisory Committee (JMSAC) has been established with the purpose of promoting the interests of JMS within Monash Health and ensuring they have ongoing and substantive input into organisational matters affecting their welfare, clinical work, education and training. JMSAC will aim to facilitate, encourage and improve communication between JMS and other professional and management groups within Monash Health. The role of JMSAC & its members include:

  • To monitor, review and provide advice in relation to JMS including:
    • The welfare of JMS at Monash Health
    • Monash Health’s management of JMS
    • Clinical systems or risk management issues specific to JMS
    • Issues affecting the training, education and supervision of JMS at Monash Health
    • Training and education requirements are being met for JMS, that training and education is of a high standard and not being adversely affected by workload
  • To actively promote and advocate for a healthy working environment for Junior Medical Staff at Monash Health
  • To receive, consider and address feedback from JMS on an as needed basis as well as through regular open forums
  • To ensure that views from JMS are fed back to the Monash Doctors Council where appropriate in which these are reviewed and recommendations made via the JMSAC Chair
  • To liaise with external bodies (including but not limited to Postgraduate Medical Council of Victoria, Confederation of Postgraduate Medical Education Councils, and Australian Medical Association) as required when concerning JMS issues

Please contact the current Monash Innovation, Quality Medical officer (IQMO@monashhealth.org) for any concerns, suggestions, feedback or ideas.