Intern Assessment

Assessment is an integral component of a career in medicine. It gives the doctor opportunity to receive feedback, engage in self-assessment and reflection, and if indicated, improve performance. It also reassures supervisors and the organisation that optimal care is provided by competent doctors.

At Monash Health all junior medical staff must have formal performance assessments. In accordance with the AMC guidelines for intern education and training, Monash Health convenes an intern assessment review panel. This panel provides oversight and monitoring of all assessment processes for interns, reviews any concerns about the performance of interns and makes recommendations for remediation of poor performance to the Director of Medical Services.

If you are having difficulties, Monash Doctors Education (MDE) are keen to assist and work with you and your supervisor to develop a plan that will give you the best chance to succeed, so don’t hesitate to contact us. The Medical Education Officer is often your first point of contact. Most interns improve quickly with a bit of extra help; this is better than continuing to struggle on your own. If you feel your supervisor’s assessment is unfair, please contact MDE as there are both informal and formal ways to address this.

Click on the  Intern Curriculum Summary to obtain the list of learning and assessment due dates for the year.

Direct Observation of Procedural Skills (DOPS) Assessment Forms

Click on the following links to download the DOPS Assessment forms.

  1. DOPS 1 (PIVC)Intravenous Cannula
  2. DOPS 2 (Female) Urinary Catheter 
  3. DOPS 3(Male) Urinary Catheter
  4. DOPS 4 Plastering
  5. DOPS 5 Suturing
  6. DOPS 6 (NGT) Nasogastric Tube Insertion

Click on the icon below on How to Submit your DOPS to Monash Doctors Education

Click on icon below to submit your DOPS (as a PDF only) to Monash Doctors Education.

Additional Resources on how to tackle the DOPS – Click Here

Mid/End of Rotation Assessment Form and Submission Links

Click on image below to download an intern assessment form.

Click on icon below to submit your assessment (as a PDF only) to Monash Doctors Education.

Click Here for useful information for Interns about how to submit your Intern Assessments.

Click on icon for Instructions to recording assessments direct to Employee Self Service (ESS)

Useful Information for JMS

Click here for the JMS Performance Assessment procedure (including appeals/grievance process).