Intern Orientation

Orientation for all new interns occurs in January.

The orientation is part of the broader Intern Curriculum, which can be viewed here

An overview of the program is summarised below.

Map instructions for DAY 1 are located here


The focus of the Monash Health orientation program is to ensure your readiness for work.  The objectives include:

  • Set work and learning expectations for the internship year
  • Foster strong relationships between interns and between Monash Doctors Education (MDE)/Monash Doctors Workforce (MDW) and the interns
  • Support transition from student to doctor with skills/knowledge and professionalism that will enable them to perform well in the first month
  • Enable graduates to have some awareness of the roles other health professions play within the team
  • Model Monash Health as a health care organisation that develops effective teams in addition to individual competence

Intern Orientation Presentation Slides

2020 Orientation presentation slides click here