Monash Doctors Workforce Team

The Monash Doctors Workforce team is responsible for oversight and facilitation of all medical employment for Senior and Junior Medical Staff across Monash Health. We are located at Casey, Dandenong & Kingston, with our main office at Monash Medical Centre Clayton.

Dr Anjali Dhulia
Dr Anjali DhuliaChief Medical Officer
P. 03 9594 2741
Dr Anand Ponniraivan
Dr Anand PonniraivanDirector of Medical Services
Strategy, Engagement & Patient Safety
P. 03 9594 2741
Dr Jason Goh
Dr Jason GohDirector of Medical Services
P. 03 9594 4741
Darryl Floyd
Darryl FloydManager Monash Doctors Workforce
P. 03 9594 4990
Natalie van Goethem
Natalie van GoethemStrategy & Planning Manager
P. 0466 164 916
Dr Junyi Shi
Dr Junyi ShiMedical Administration Registrar
Rosemary McKemmish
Rosemary McKemmishWellbeing Officer
Tuesday – Friday
03 9594 2547
Emma Nyhof
Emma NyhofGeneral Stream HMO Coordinator
P. 0455 718 142
Adam Sacks
Adam SacksSenior Business Manager

Recruitment – Junior Medical Appointments Team

Jade ChannellTeam Leader, JMS Recruitment
Anesthetics, Surgery & Interventional Services

P. 03 9594 2664

Melissa Vescovi
Melissa Vescovi Senior Coordinator, JMS Recruitment
MDW General, MDW Surgical, Critical Care (HMO), Intensive Care Unit

P. 03 9594 7807

Milijana Gligorevic
Milijana GligorevicRecruitment Coordinator (JMS)
Interns, BPT – Basic Physician Training, Acute Medicine, Subacute & Community (General Medicine) and Casuals

P. 03 9594 3120

Peter Panos
Peter PanosRecruitment Coordinator (JMS)
Specialty Program, Mental Health, Emergency & Paediatric Emergency, Radiology and Pathology

P. 03 9594 4892

Monique MorettiRecruitment Coordinator (JMS)
Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Monash Newborn, Paediatrics & Paediatric Intensive Care Unit

P. 03 9594 2547

Recruitment – Senior Medical Appointments Team                                                                      

Ranju Chate
Ranju ChateTeam Leader, SMS Recruitment
Surgery & Interventional Services SMS
P. 03 9594 6381
Kristina Kolesnikov
Kristina KolesnikovSenior Coordinator (SMS)
Acute Medicine, Subacute & Community, Specialty Medicine, Cancer & Critical Care, Mental Health Programs
P. 03 9594 7689
Maeve Kennedy
Maeve KennedyRecruitment Coordinator (SMS)
Radiology, Pathology, Anaesthetics, Paediatrics & Womens & Newborn
Janella Acker
Janella AckerCME Coordinator

International Medical Graduate Affairs

Heather Zeckler
Heather ZecklerIMG Coordinator
AHPRA Registration & Visa Processing
P. 03 9594 2389

Operations Team

Nicola Lawrence
Nicola Lawrence Team Leader Operations Team
Diabetes JMS& SMS MMC
P. 03 9594 3963
Jacqui Tonks
Jacqui TonksSenior Coordinator
Medicine JMS Dandenong, Endo/Rheum/ID JMS MMC
P. 03 9594 4657
Rowena Gould
Rowena GouldSenior Coordinator
RACS JMS Kingston, Surgery JMS Dandenong, O&G JMS Dandenong
P. 03 9594 4896
Michele Ah-Fat
Michele Ah-FatOperations Coordinator
Gen Med Casey, Haem/Thal JMS MMC
P. 9594 3951
Jade Stevens
Jade StevensOperations Coordinator
Renal & Gastro JMS Clayton, Paeds JMS Clayton, Surgery JMS Casey
P. 03 9594 3920
Maria Phillips
Maria PhillipsOperations Coordinator
Gen Med Clayton, Cardio & Resp JMS Clayton, Secondment sites
P. 03 9594 4894
Anupa Shah
Anupa ShahOperations Coordinator
O&G JMS Casey, O&G JMS Clayton, Surgery JMS Clayton
P. 03 9594 2036
Nicky Efron
Nicky EfronOperations Coordinator
Mental Health JMS (All sites), Paeds JMS Casey & Dandenong
P. 03 9594 4897
Clea Schafer
Clea SchaferOperations Coordinator
SMS Mental Health, Surg/Onc Moorabbin, Neuro/Stroke JMS, Monash Newborn JMS
P. 03 9594 4894
Bree Kan
Bree KanBusiness Support Officer
Part time Mon-Tues
P. 03 9594 2725