Prevocational education for Monash Doctors

Prevocational education at Monash Health provides an outstanding foundation of medical education in which our interns and HMOs can develop their skills and competencies in a wide range of settings after completion of their basic medical training.

To provide prevocational doctors with exposure to a range of medical disciplines to:

  • Consolidate and apply clinical knowledge while taking increasing responsibility for safe and high quality patient care
  • Develop diagnostic, communication, therapeutic, procedural and professional skills under supervision
  • Provide a firm foundation for future practice

We are fortunate at Monash Health to be able to offer education and training experiences across a broad range of settings including, General and Specialty Medicine, Emergency Medicine, General and Specialty Surgery, and Non-Core specialties such as Mental Health, Diagnostic Imaging, Dermatology, and Rehabilitation.

Our education programs
There is a range of formal education opportunities managed by Monash Doctors Education. This includes:

  • An Intern tutorial program
  • A HMO tutorial program
  • Simulation training
  • Communication skills workshops
  • Procedural skills workshops
  • Professional development courses


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