WBA Assessment Program – Useful Resources

Following are some useful resources for you while doing the WBA assessment program.

Doctors Speak Up

‘Doctors Speak Up” is a multimedia resource that has been developed to address the language and communicatiopn needs of international medicalgraduates (IMGs) working or seeking work in Australia.


RANZCP Clinical Guidelines

To help psychiatrists and other mental health professionals. Best part is they’re a free evidence based resource. The not so good part is that they’re quite lengthy documents so please try not to get too caught up in them.


A Primer of Clinical Psychiatry textbook

This is probably one of the best psychiatric textbooks. A visual of the cover can be found via the hyperlink below but I suggest googling it as the Monash Health libraries are also known to carry an older edition (which is still of great utility).


Victorian Mental Health Act 2014

If any of your cases have an element of risk to self or others, you should always be aware of the Victorian legal framework for compulsory treatment. Please don’t read too extensively on this as it’s a very complicated topic. Knowing the correct terminology, your responsibilities and the implications of compulsory treatment for patients should be sufficient.


The Psychiatric Interview by Daniel Carlat

A great book for dealing with difficult/challenging patients even in the absence of mental health symptoms. You can find a copy in most Monash Health libraries. If you can’t I urge you to consider buying a copy. I’ve had other AMC WBA candidates who have purchased it after finding it so useful.


Online multi-media resources for: mini-Cex, mental health history taking

Depression: psychiatric interview, University of Nottingham


Anxiety: psychiatric interview, University of Nottingham


Psychosis: psychiatric interview, University of Nottingham


General interviewing skills: psychiatry, University of Melbourne via Coursera


Geeky Medics Brochures

WBA geekymedics.com-Depression history taking

WBA geekymedics.com-Exploring first rank symptoms in a psychiatric history …

WBA geekymedics.com-Alcohol history taking