How To: Check Pathology Results

This is the first part in a series of tutorials about how to check pathology results at Monash Health.

The first step is to open up your web browser and navigate to the pathology web app. The easiest way to do this is to go via the Clinical Portal. The Clinical Portal can be access via the Intranet homepage:

Intranet clinical portal


Once you’ve opened the clinical portal, locate the pathology icon:

Clinical portal pathology


Once you’re on the Pathology Results Enquiry page, you will be presented with a login screen. You can sign in using your standard Monash Account credentials.

Pathology Login


After you’ve logged in, you’ll be presented with a search screen:

Pathology Search


You can search by any of the fields shown in the picture above. You will search using the patient’s UR number 99.99% of the time, so you can safely ignore the other fields.

Once you have searched for your patient using their UR number, you will be presented with a list of results:

Pathology Search Results


I have removed all the identifying information from the screenshot above with my pro photoshop skills. Normally you would be able to see the patient’s name, date of birth and address, as well as the requesting doctor’s provider number and name.

For patients that have many results there may be multiple pages. Navigating through these pages is something of an art, and is done using the Previous and Next buttons:

Pathology Next and Previous